Construction Sites and UI (Weeks 5&6)

OCT 30 – Nov 12

I spent 4 days during this time on the Bluebyte Game Jam, so the time I spend on the game was reduced. I implemented constructing buildings and destroying them (without crashing the game) as well as UI for Buildings and Subjects. I also improved the Camera movement a little.

Constructing Buildings

Buildings in Warriors and Serfs had to receive the building materials to the construction site, and then a builder-subject who would build it over time. Except for the actual builder, the implementation of this was complete. The building was placed in the world with the help of a “ghost” building, which remained on the construction site until it was finished. The construction site had dynamic Stockpiles so the player could see how many more items were needed to build. The health of the building went up along with the progress of construction.

building construction

Initially I would have a ghost building and a construction site version of every building in the game, but I managed to make these two get the mesh from the building they would turn into, and so I only have ONE construction site and ghost building Blueprint. That also meant that I could put data like the necessary construction materials on the actual building Blueprint rather than split it off and put it on the specific construction site BP.

Destroying buildings was more complicated than it might sound. Not only did I have to remove the actor from the scene, I also had to remove the building from the Jobmanager, and cancel all active jobs that use this building!


Clicking on lots and Subjects opened up a UI which displayed important information about their state.
In terms of the lot this included the Name, Health and Stockpiles. In crafting buildings also the recipe. The name was split into the player label, which could be changed, and the LotType which would be unchangeable. There was also a button to destroy the lot.

BuildingUI Screenshot

On SubjectUI, there was also the Name and Health, but additionally the Foodbar. There would be more soon, like the building the Subject was assigned to, or what they were currently doing.

SubjectUI Screenshot

I was still missing some critical parts to make the UI look good (a background especially…), but in this state the game was playable without having to look at the details panel to see what was going on.

Game Screenshot

State of the game at the time. You can see the different UIs, and two buildings in construction. In the top-most UI you can see the player has renamed the building, but the type of the building is in brackets, for clarity. Also you can see the building menu in the bottom right.

GameScreenshot Nov 15

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