Slow Progress (Week 4)

July 8 – July 15

Progress was kind of slow this week. There was no creative input from game design for the entire week, he made no progress on the level design we tasked him with, and no ideas for new game mechanics, which meant I had to just try whatever I could think of and see if it could work.

Changed Some Stuff

I could finally transition from whatever asset scale I had before to the planned 100px per meter scale, because I finally had a player animation. This meant I could adjust movespeed parameters and weapon ranges to somewhat near the final values.

The corrected scale also meant that the player was now larger than the buildings around him, as was planned. I decided to increase the camera size to show more of the area around the player, the game felt a little claustrophobic, and the small field of view meant that either enemies would shoot at the player from outside their vision range, or the enemies’ range would have to be very short.

I cleaned up the scene and some Scripts, exposing a few parameters and adding Tooltips to the Inspector. I did this mainly to make it easy for the game designer to change parameters in order to do some balance work, but unfortunately he never downloaded the project files.

Added Some Stuff

I implemented two new weapons, the hunting rifle and the shotgun. The shotgun shoots 16 bullets in a cone, each doing little damage, but it is devastating to groups of enemies.

The hunting rifle has a low rate of fire, but has penetrating shots. In this implementation the projectile had a maximum amount of damage it could deal (750). When it hit an enemy, the maximum damage would be reduced by as much as it dealt, and then continue flying until the remaining damage was reduced to zero. This meant the bullet could kill 5 enemies (150hp) in a row, or destroy 3 buildings (250hp) or deal 750 damage to a fox spawner (1000hp). This would be reworked later.

With the additional weapons I implemented weapon swapping. Guns would be distributed throughout the city, and collecting one drops the currently equipped weapon as a new pickup.

Post Presentation Playtest

After the Intermediate Presentation I proposed a playtesting session with the others in the semester and we had 4 or 5 different groups who wanted playtesting done, including Trash Chicken. I received a bunch of really helpful feedback.

The most important feedback that we focused on was that the players felt extremely weak, they spent all their time running away and kiting the ranged enemies, trying to survive.
This was completely contrary to the vision we had originally, so I told the team we had to focus on making the game a power fantasy!

In order to achieve this I changed a few mechanics. I made the player not collide with the foxes anymore, because being pushed around by them felt really bad to our playtesters.
I also gave the player contact damage, representing them just stomping over the smaller foxes.


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