Gamefeel and Healthbars (Week 3)

JUNE 30 – JULY 07


Design was still lagging behind, I didn’t feel like the game was particularly fun to play other than the fact that stuff exploded, it was still not much of a game. I spent this week mostly trying out some things to see if they could work.


Game Feel

Rick linked me a very good talk about Game Feel by Jan Willem Nijman from Vlambeer. I was very impressed by how much difference the accumulation of these little details did to improve the game, even if the core game mechanics did not change. So I started implementing a bunch of these things. I added screenshake, camera lerp, damage flashes, bullet inaccuracy, and plan to add more as I go along.


I also implemented a new enemy. A ranged fox who will try to keep his distance from the player, instead of running at them like the melee enemies I made before.

Ranged enemy. #programmerArt
Ranged Fox Behaviour is split into three priorities.

Initially I was kind of afraid of writing “AI” because I thought it would be this super high-level thing, but as it turned out, you can do a lot with very simple behaviour, so I’m now pretty excited about adding different enemies with different behaviours!


Even before watching the video by Jan I knew I had to give the player feedback for when he deals damage to an enemy. We discussed in the team without *really* finding a solution we agreed on, but in the end I went with healthbars, because they gave the player all the information they needed. But even the healthbars were not that simple, There were a bunch of ways to implement them, and I asked the others for feedback.

healthbar styles
Different styles of Healthbars. We went with the center-aligned + background.

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