Semester Task BA4: Crapmania

crapmania screenshot

  • Objective: Multiplayer Racing Game with unlimited players
  • Engines / Languages: Unity, Windows Console / C#, C++, php, SQL
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: Individual project
  • Duration: ~10 work days

Crapmania is a no-contact multiplayer racing game where each player races to beat the others’ and their own best times. As players will race around the same track for a certain time and restart every time they finish, the players will eventually come closer to driving the perfect round, in the absolute best possible time.
The game features LAN multiplayer with player login to a local wamp server. The game will show each player’s best time, and the server best time. The player best time is saved to an sql database o the wamp server, and will be checked when a player logs back in.

I made the game in the fourth Semester at cologne game lab, for the programming module.
The task was to make a multiplayer game with potentially infinite players live at a time, using a C++ Server.
I made the client in unity and the server in visual studio as a windows console application. The c++ server communicates with the sql database through php.
Everything that involves server-client connections as well as php and most of sql was new to me at the start of the semester, so I felt very happy with what I managed to achieve in the two weeks I spent on the project.

You can download the game HERE!

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