Self-Initiated Project BA5: Warriors and Serfs

Warriors and Serfs is a 3D real-time city-building / strategy game for PC with a focus on building a settlement with a functioning economy, set in the medieval era.

Warriors and Serfs puts you in the place of a Count in the medieval times. Your king has given you the task to build a new settlement and defeat his enemies, so you set out with a few loyal servants and materials to do as he commands.

Unlike in typical rts games such as the Age of Empires series which have very few different resources (ie. wood, stone, gold, food), Warriors and Serfs allows you to gather a multitude of different resources and refine them into food, building materials and weapons.

Every item exists physically and can be transported by your ever-diligent Serfs to construction sites, the weaponsmiths, or the warehouse. Therefore the placement of your buildings is a major factor in the effectiveness of your economy. once your economy stands and you’ve built your army, you are ready to attack the enemy player to claim their lands as your own!

Position your archers behind your infantry and flank their archers with your knights, in combat you have full control.

This game was made during my fifth semester at Cologne Game Lab, as part of the Exchange & Practice Semester. We had pretty much complete freedom of choice on what we would do for this Project, so I chose to make a game I had been wanting to make for the previous year or so, but knew I didn’t have enough time to really work on it otherwise.

You can read the Dev Blog HERE!
You can download the latest version of the game HERE

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