Christmas Crawl (Week 4)

DEC 23 – DEC 30

Communication Complications

The Week following Christmas was – expectedly – accompanied with little progress on the game. We had agreed not to meet that week, as we were all going to be busy celebrating Christmas with our families. We did however decide to hold our skype call on the 29th. We had planned to revise the GDD Matthias had written to finally nail down a lot of the rules to the card game and to get ahead on the mixed reality aspect as well. However some of us didn’t make it to the call, partly without any excuse or prior notice so we couldn’t get as far as we had planned. We discussed the topics at hand among those of us who were present, and decided that we would absolutely have to decide on the rules on Monday, the next meeting. We would build a Pen&Paper Prototype, and start playing the game, and get a feel of it and see if it works at all like we thought, and to test around numbers and limitations.

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