Changes and Programming (Week 3)

DEC 16 – DEC 23

Meta Game Changes

During our Thursday SkypeCall, we realized that we had differing views on how the mixed-reality aspect of the game would work, and what kind of scale it would have. We discussed it a lot, and came out with something everybody seemed to like. I still wasn’t sure whether we were all on the same page now, but Andreas would flesh out his different approaches of the mixed-reality game, and we would see how it worked out then.

Preparation and Programming

I had started the week before already, but that week I focused even more on preparing for programming the app. I wrote down a list of what the app needs and in more detail, what the actual game would need to work.
I wrote down a lot of thoughts and approaches, ideas on how I would code the game. Mainly that I would use a single class “Card” which would exist from the beginning of the game until its end. Looking back, this was quite an obvious choice, but I had thought of making different objects for the card depending on their state; in the deck, in your hand, on the field, or destroyed.

I also decided on using XML again, to store the standard values for every card we had (“template”). When the game started, the program would read through the xml file and instantiate the cards in each players’ decks. I took the XML code I had written for The Toddler Connection, and modified it to fit our current needs. I wasn’t entirely sure what values every card would need yet, but I could adjust that later.

My main challenge were the special effects, and how the game would handle them. Since we still hadn’t finalized the game mechanics, and we had no finished cards, I couldn’t really start working on it yet, but I thought I could start with the most simple effects like drawing a new card, or modifying current values on a card.

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