Foundations (Week 2)

Dec 6 – Dec 15


After the pitches on St Nicholas Day we decided to give everyone a role in order to facilitate the decision-making progress and general workflow. We had named Owen as project leader before the pitch, and he was now also in charge of the narrative. Matthias was put in charge of the card game mechanics, and Andreas would be most concerned with the meta-game and the mixed-reality aspect. Sarah was appointed Lead artist and in charge of logos, and I took the position of lead programmer.
We decided that the one in charge will have the final say on a decision concerning their field, but everyone could always make suggestions and give criticism to anyone.

We decided to meet in person every monday, and over skype every thursday.

We had been using Google docs already and they had proven effective, so we decided to keep any written text on those, so we had some nice and dynamic documents. We used whatsapp as main communication channel, and dropbox as space for larger files. We also decided to use Slack as a sort of hub to connect everything, but at the time, it hadn’t been used much. We used skype for the Thursday calls, but not otherwise.

Core Features

Developing the core mechanics for the card game had proven challenging. Given that we needed to nail those down ASAP, we had spent most of our efforts that week coming up with ideas, and then revising and revising those. We hadn’t quite finalized them, but we had a strong bunch of foundations, and just needed to shave off some of the rough edges.

The narrative had been developed alongside the mechanics. We’ve had the 8 factions from the start, and wanted to stick with them. We had decided that we could not possibly finish all the necessary cards for the 8 factions until February, so we chose three factions that were different enough to show the possibilities the game would offer.

The meta-game had changed as well. We had found some flaws and found ways to make them into mechanics, but we still needed more work on that.

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