Origin of the idea and group finding (Week 1)

November 30 – December 7

Idea Formation

On the day of the Kickoff meeting I had a few ideas about what I would like to do and wouldn’t like to do. I knew I didn’t want to do VR like in the previous semester, and I was interested in creating a board game, perhaps with QR codes.

After the kick-off meeting I went to the open space and started bouncing ideas around with the others who were there. Owen and I started talking about posting masses of recognizable QR codes around the city, so many that people would become interested and just scan them out of curiosity. The idea was that there would be this corporation whose only product is its logo which they post everywhere.

We met again on Friday, along with Andreas and a few other people, to bounce ideas around some more. We had the idea of making a card game out of it, where you need to go outside and scan QR codes in order to earn new cards. The card game would feature a corporate theme, to cover the ideas we had before.
After the brainstorm meeting at CGL Owen and I spent the weekend thinking about different aspects of the game, I was mostly concerned with game mechanics and the meta-game of collecting QR codes, as well as legal consequences of posting stickers on public places. I also spent a lot of time researching the stock market, to see what kind of game mechanics we could make out of it.

Adding Team Members

During the weekend Andreas decided to join us. I was very happy to get Andreas on the team, as I had wanted to work with him before, and he seemed very interested in the Mixed Reality aspect, which I didn’t want to concern myself with too much.
We met on Monday to polish the ideas we had and start working on the pitch.

During our pitch Sarah joined, and afterwards Matthias joined as well, which made us a pretty strong team. Owen and I had thought about asking Sarah to join anyways, as we were both impressed with her previous work, so it was great that she joined out of her own motivation. Matthias has a lot of experience with Card games and was excited to create one from scratch, so he also was a much needed addition to the team!

Later that day Caterina, who wasn’t there for the pitches, asked to join the team. After some discussion we invited her on the next day, as we realised how much artwork will need to be done for the cards, and the app, and the corporate logos etcetera. From what I could tell, Caterina’s artstyle was quite similar to Sarah’s, so they should be able to work together well!

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