Division of Labor in QR

This is a short summary of who did what during our game development phase.
(Everyone gave input on pretty much everything, but this is listing everyone’s main activities.)

Andreas: UI design and art assets. Mixed reality and card collecting aspect and quest design. Major input on card design (visually). Game mechanics and card design (mechanically).

Caterina: Card visual design. Faction Logo design. Finding suitable images for all cards and start working on fitting them for the card assets (first half of the art pipeline).

Matthias: Card-Game mechanics and Card design (mechanically), cardgame balancing. Input on Mixed reality and card collecting aspect.

Owen: Narrative and definition of the factions plus aptitude test. Implementation of QR-Scanner, Quests and cardlist into unity. Website design and creation. Final Presenation.

Sarah: Card design (visually) including icons. Factions and QR Logo design, input on all UI. Fitting Caterina’s images on the cards, and setting name, effect text and flavour text on the card assets. Intermediate presentation.

Me: Unity Prototype except QR-Scanning and saving collected cards. Cardgame mechanics and input on card design (mechanically). Production bits like creating art asset list, or starting docs for presentations and playtesting, Writing down and bringing up stuff that needs to be talked about during meetings.

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