Ocean Game Jam: Hero Shopper

Hero Shopper screenshot

  • Objective: Raise awareness for ocean pollution
  • Engine / Language: Unity / C#
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: 3
  • Duration: 2 days

Hero Shopper is an unsatisfying game where you go grocery shopping. The goal is to avoid buying food that is plastic packed, but you will find out that it is sometimes very hard to do that in our supermarkets. Nonetheless you must try your best. Be the hero that protects the Oceans!

I made this game together with Wang Ruolin and Zhang Ke for the Ocean Game Jam 2017 June 10/11 in Cologne.
We made the game to help raise awareness about the issues of non-degradable waste and the fact that we cannot really avoid buying food in plastic packaging. This last aspect is represented in the game, there are few foods that do not have plastic packaging (as in real stores) so the player will almost certainly lose very quickly. All food-items in the game were photographed by us in a nearby store.

The Game is available for download HERE!

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