(Late) New years resolutions

This post is a little late, but I didn’t find time during the game development phase to write it, so here goes nothing!

New Years Resolutions

I’ve never really made New Years Resolutions, and never thought about making any, but there were some things I wanted to change about myself anyways, so I might as well call them New Years Resolutions.

Say thank you more!

Being appreciated is so important to people (or at least to me), and I realized that I didn’t always show my appreciation enough. I decided to do that, and saying “thank you” is an easy way to do it, so I want to say it more!

Be more motivated!

I started work on the Prototype for QR relatively late, I only really worked on it for 4 weeks, which I heavily regretted during the final two weeks.
But it wasn’t only QR, I’ve always had major problems with my motivation, I rarely did my homework until the last 3 years of school, and I wouldn’t think of learning something outside of school either. I still don’t do that a lot. I started a couple of projects to work on just for fun, but didn’t spend more than a few weeks before losing interest in them. This is something I should really do more of!

Do a Gamejam!

Ever since I heard of Gamejams, which was probably in the first semester, I was really interested in them! I have yet to participate in one though, my main concern is that I am too slow to be useful to a group, and I would hate to drag anyone down. However I got a little more confident in that aspect during the QR Project, and thanks to Extra Credits! I wanted to participate in this year’s Global Game Jam, but there really was no chance, considering the timing, 10 days before the final submission date. However I plan to participate in at least one Game Jam this year, and maybe I can find the time to participate in the GGJ next time!

Read more!

I used to read a lot of novels. My mother and sisters as well, someone would find a new series, show it to the others, and we would all read them within a month or so. Nowadays I rarely ever read books anymore, and I feel like my eloquence suffered from it. I do actually still read a lot, but it is almost only Mangas/Webcomics or on web forums, which are all fun and interesting, but the level of the written language is clearly lower (usually). So I plan to read more books again! I have enough books lying around at home, and there are new books from some of my favourite series, so I have a lot to catch up on!

Learn Git!

This is a pretty specific one, and therefore doesn’t really fit the list, but I have to put it in here to make sure I remember it! In the first and second semester we had two people working on the same code all the time, and it could be really annoying to deal with it, so I want to remove some of the obstacles of working like that! During QR development I could work almost entirely alone on the prototype, except for the QR-Scanner scene, which we implemented like a plug-in, making things really easy on my end. Working alone was a lot more comfortable in many ways, but at the same time, I had all of the responsibility for it, which was quite stressful, especially since I was so short on time towards the end. Either way, I know that I will definitely need to use Github or something similar in the future, so I might as well learn it now, while I have the time for it!

Be more patient!

This one is the newest addition to the list, I only thought of adding it yesterday.
I am well aware that I’m impatient, I need some kind of distraction, I need enough of my senses stimulated to feel comfortable. I need to listen to music while working, and I need something to do (like watching streams) while playing slow games, or inbetween my own turns (eg during Civilization games) to not get bored. I realized that it can be problematic, it could be seen as impolite, or I could miss some important details because I am distracted by something else. I honestly don’t know how I can improve this, but maybe I can just remember this resolution, and think of it, and get more patient, little by little.

See you in a year!

I set myself a reminder for the end of November, to check whether I was successful. I will still have a month left then to try and do whatever I didn’t do before, so I think it’s a fair date! I will report back here when it is time 🙂

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