Hanse – The Hanseatic League (Linked Dimensions)


Feb 19 – March 31

For the first time, I worked as a programmer on a professional game, which was released on steam. It was a very important experience for me.

Getting the Job

I was approached by a colleague from Uni with a Job offer. His company was looking for some help with finishing off their game, and as we had worked together before, Andreas approached me and told me about it. He told me the game was some sort of strategy game, and since I was just about done with Warriors and Serfs, and my Semesterbreak was coming up, I had time, and I wanted to earn some professional experience anyways.

I only wrote a little bit with Andreas, and then my future employer, Peter, until I decided to take the Job. From the start it was intended as a short-term job, which would end when my next semester started.

Working at a company

Working on Hanse was the first time in a while where I had to write code into a large, existing codebase. It was also my second time working with Git, after the Blue Byte Game Jam, but now I properly learned how to use Git effectively. There was also a larger focus on project management than I was used to from uni. With proper sprints, and feature and bug tickets, it was much easier to concentrate on the task at hand, without being distracted by other issues.

We had totally flexible work hours, and could work from home instead of coming into the office, and I tried out a few different things. I realised however that, for myself, I very much prefer set work hours or flextime. If everyone’s in the office at the same time, it is much easier to communicate and plan, even if Skype and the like make it possible to meet from home.

In conclusion I can definitely say that I learned a lot while working at Linked Dimensions, and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to work there.

Hanse was released on April 30 on Steam.

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