An overview of all games I’ve worked on.

Check out my favourites HERE!

Rescue Tactics – June 6 – July 26 2018


Rescue Tactics is an educational game about natural disasters. The player takes on the role of a local first responder during a natural disaster. They need to rescue a citizen from the hazards of the disaster, and get them to safety.

I was the main programmer during this project. I setup the project and prototyped the two gamemodes. During the project I still did most of the programming work, including everything relating to the levels (except sound). I also guided Dmitry in his work, as it was his first time using Unreal.
Since the game needed to be in german and in english, I also handled the technical aspect of localization.

You can download the game HERE, or watch the Video HERE.
The Game was also published on the University of Cologne’s Website for Geography didactics, see HERE.

Sonic City Map – May 27 2018


The Sonic City Map is a small sonic experience in which the player can move around a small part of a city and switch between modern and Victorian times to experience the changing soundscape.

In this game, I only adjusted some scripts for more varied audio file playback, and I did the sound design for the street performer (top left corner) and the market (bottom right corner) locations.

You can download the Game HERE.

Hanse – The Hanseatic League Feb 19 – Mar 31 2018


In Hanse – The Hanseatic League you play an aspiring merchant in 15th century Europe. Hold together and expand the trading guild of the Hanse by establishing a world spanning network of ship routes and diplomacy.

I was hired only to help fixing Bugs, but ended up making a significant impact on the game. I rewrote the resource price simulation and the NPC Trader AI, two core components of the game, and some more besides that (read more).

Hanse was the first game I worked on professionally, at Linked Dimensions.
Hanse was released on April 30 on Steam.

Warriors and Serfs – Sept 27 2017 – Feb 21 2018

Warriors and Serfs is a 3D real-time city-building / strategy game for PC with a focus on building a settlement with a functioning economy, set in the medieval era.
Warriors and Serfs puts you in the place of a Count in the medieval times. Your king has given you the task to build a new settlement and defeat his enemies, so you set out with a few loyal servants and materials to do as he commands.

During this project I learned how to use Unreal Engine, and I used Behavior Trees for the first time. I wrote the system for delivering items in C++. I made a (dynamic) tutorial for the first time, which proved quite successful, judging from the final exhibition of the game.

This game was made during my fifth semester at Cologne Game Lab. You can read the Dev Blog HERE!
You can check out the latest version of the game HERE!

Media Inc. – Jan 25-27 2018

Media Inc.

Media Inc. puts you in the position of a news agency employee. You need to decide what kind of news to send out into the world, and will see the results of your decisions.
We made this game during the Global Game Jam 2018, the theme of the Jam was Transmission.

Everything is on the GGJ website HERE!

Don’t get Sick! – Nov 9-12 2017


Don’t get Sick! is a game about an every-day man just trying to survive in the every-day apocalypse. Stay out of trouble with your boss, spend enough time with your family, keep an eye on your wealth, but most importantly: Don’t get Sick!
The game was made for the Blue Byte Game Jam 2017, the topic was Health.

The Game is available for download HERE!

Crapmania – August 2017

crapmania screenshot

Crapmania is a no-contact multiplayer racing game where each player races to beat the others’ and their own best times. As players will race around the same track for a certain time and restart every time they finish, the players will eventually come closer to driving the perfect round, in the absolute best possible time.

You can download the game HERE!

Trash Chicken – June / July 2017

Concept Art 1

Trash Chicken is a Top-Down Shooter Destruction Fantasy.
The player is a giant chicken bent on destroying the evil foxes’ city, and freeing the captured chicks from them. As the chicks are being freed, they join the horde following the player and attacking the foxes until they become an unstoppable force.

Download the game HERE (PC, Mac, Linux).
Or watch the Gameplay Video HERE.

Hero Shopper – June 10/11 2017

Hero Shopper screenshot

Hero Shopper is an unsatisfying game where you go grocery shopping. The goal is to avoid buying food that is plastic packed, but you will find out that it is sometimes very hard to do that!

This game was made for the Ocean Game Jam 2017 in Cologne in order to help raise awareness about the issues of non-degradable waste and the fact that we cannot really avoid buying food in plastic packaging.

The Game is available for download here!

GenericSpaceShooter0815 – May 2017


GenericSpaceShooter0815 is a Co-op Highscore Space Shooter Game. One to four players shoot aliens to rack up their highscore!

The game is made for a winnitron arcade machine, and can therefore not be played optimally with four players on PC (unless you have a NKRO Keyboard). However you can play it perfectly well with one or two people!

Download the game HERE.

BlindFlug – May 2017


BlindFlug is a cockpit sonification experience. The player’s task is to lift a plane off the runway and bring it in a stable position to activate the autopilot. However, the player is blind! They must rely on the Audio-Feedback of the engines and airflow to gauge their current speed and altitude.

You can download the Game HERE

TwoVenture Game – Feb and March 2017

TwoVentureGame Endboss

TwoVenture Game is a classical 2D Point&Click Adventure. The player takes on the role of a samurai who finds himself in a strange place, and attempts to find his way back home. The Game runs on an engine I wrote for it, using only C++, SFML and tinyXML.

You can download the game HERE!
Gameplay video on youtube HERE.

Q® – Dec 2016 to Feb 2017

QR Logo

 is a Collectible Card Game / Outdoor Card Hunting Experience for mobile devices. It features an original card game with a corporate theme, faction VS faction metagame, and physical-space card hunts. You are recruited by one of the eight corporations as an area manager to increase your corporation’s profits and public appearance. Win card games against players from other corporations to increase your corporation’s power. Team up with other players of your faction to find powerful cards to add to your decks, and become the megacorp to rule the world.

You can download the android apk, a PC and Mac build HERE.

Snek – October 2016

Snek Screenshot

Snek is a simple version of the popular game snake.
You play a snake collecting delicious fruit and growing with each bit they eat. You are confined to a cage with walls that kill you when you touch them, and you are poisonous enough that you die when you touch yourself as well…
Snek features locally saved highscores and a level editor for potentially infinite fun! When you win the game, it crashes, which really is just another feature, mirroring the inevitability of death in our lives.

You can download the game HERE.

The Toddler Connection – May to July 2016

TTC Title

The Toddler Connection is a detective game for the HTC Vive. It features investigative dialogue, with a unique dialogue mechanic, as well as two distinct perspectives on the world. You take on the role of a toddler in kindergarten who likes playing detective and solving mysteries. Once again playing his game of detective, he searches for the stolen bracelet of his crush, the kindergarten teacher. By talking to the other toddlers in kindergarten, or rather their film-noir alter egos, you find clues and hints about the missing bracelet until you can finally face the thief!

You can watch a gameplay video on youtube HERE, or download the presentation build of the game HERE.

Dreams of Pan – Dec 2015 to Feb 2016


Dreams of Pan is a 2D puzzle platformer. You control Pan, a boy with a vivid fantasy! You accompany Pan on a journey through his dreams, where you will have to protect him from the dangers that his troubled emotions bring! As Pan falls into deeper sleep stages, you will uncover emotions he has hidden away; Fear, Sadness, Anger! In the first level, the core emotion is “happiness”. Pan doesn’t have much to worry about yet, but the game will gradually get harder!

Download the game HERE, or watch the gameplay video on youtube HERE.

Codename 06F – April 2nd to May 4th 2015

06F screenshot

Codename 06F is a stealth-puzzle-top down shooter.
The player is an agent known only by their callsign “06F”. The player must infiltrate the evil Dr Black’s secret base to take him into custody. In order to do that he will have to avoid being spotted by the enemy henchmen or take them out, however with limited ammunition, the main focus lies on on keeping a low profile.

You can download the game HERE.

MoorZombol – Dec 15th to Dec 23rd 2014

MorrZombol screenshot

MoorZombol is an arcade highscore shooter. It’s Moorhuhn with Zombies. Zombies spawn randomly in one of 4 lanes and move through those lanes (left to right or right to left) across the screen. The screen can be moved to the sides a little, and the player can shoot the zombies, one hit is a kill. Every kill rewards points, and the player has 90 seconds to play.

You can download the game HERE.

RPGGame – March 2013

RPGGame screenshot

RPGGame was the very first computer game I made.
It is an Applet/Text-based, turn-based Dungeoncrawler made in BlueJay. The player fights his way through a dungeon to defeat the Dragon Fafnir. There are different monsters with strengths and weaknesses and Fafnir, who has special abilities.

You can download the game HERE.