Polish for the Presentation (Week 4)

JUNE 27 – JUly 04

The Intermediate Presentation was due on Tuesday afternoon, so we really only had around three and a half workdays for this sprint. We focused on implementing assets and doing visual polish to show something attractive.

Polishing the Worldmap & Quiz

Tatjana implemented the final version of the globe and set it up in a level, which I then copied over into the worldmap and quiz level. Dmitry added some nice rotation to the globe.
I implemented the new ui assets into the quiz, and added a bit of feedback for wrong answers. I also stumbled upon a pretty stubborn bug about the image loading, which I didn’t spot before, because I only had a placeholder icon.

Rotating the globe, and playing the quiz at the end of week 4.

Implementing the First Disaster Level

During the meeting, most of the group weren’t sure if we could show the disaster level by tuesday afternoon, but I heavily debated in favour of it, because I spent enough time on the basics in the previous week, that it wouldn’t be too much work left to implement the first level.

Andreas had already designed the level as part of the last sprint, so I could get to it whenever I wanted. Unfortunately I spent a lot more time than I had planned on the Quiz, as was left with only around a day and a half to spend on the level. The reason for this was a lot of change requests, and issues with asset formats for the Quiz. In the end we figured the issues came from what boiled down to some communication errors.

I still got almost everything done however, with a bit of crunching.
I implemented the level environment that Tatjana and Alicja had built, and placed the nodes and objects accordingly. We were lacking pretty much any sort of feedback from the enemy being dangerous, so I asked tatjana to make a preliminary “Red Danger Area” thing I could place in front of it.
The flood appearing and growing took the most of my time, and it also included the one thing I didn’t manage to finish in time, that the water actually kills the player. The enemy did kill the player though.

First Disaster Level Implemented (Version 1)

In the gif you can see that the player is thrown back to the worldmap after running into the red Box, which is an electricity distribution box, spewing sparks in front. The flood appears after a couple of turns, and rises to the places shown by the hazardmap overlay (blue).
At this point the controls were still not mapped to the rotated camera, so you had to swipe the mouse vertically / horizontally to move the player, instead of diagonally, as the node layout suggests.
There was still a bunch of feedback missing, but the first version was working.


During the presentation I talked about the learning goals, and some of the programming bits. I also show-played the game, in tandem with Andreas.
In the evening after the presentation I recorded a gameplay video showing off all of the implemented features.

You can watch the full gameplay video of this version on youtube HERE.

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