Dreams of Pan

As the project leader of Dreams of Pan, I guess I’ll be writing quite a lot of TEXT in this blog, I’ll see whether I can get some images in too though (I’ll just steal from the artists)

Our group was formed quite soon, Anna came with Caterina up to Patrick and me, as we were brainstorming together on the first day of the project-phase, and had the idea of dreams. We quickly realised that everyone could put their own ideas into each dream, and that we could make them as different as we want, as each dream would be separated from the other. The week after, on the second meeting, Taylan joined in. We then had the idea that we might make 3 levels/dreams, as we had 3 artists in our group, and each level would have their own artstyle in them. After the first feedback round with the rest of the students and the teachers, we realised that that probably wouldn’t work out well, as the game would look too differently, and it could well break the flow of the game. Currently our plan is to make ONE very well optimized and very enjoyable level in comparison to multiple levels.

The theme we settled on is “Candyland”. It will be a world that is made entirely out of candy. The base idea to this came from Anna’s artstyle, as it is very cutesy, and we figured that we could use that for the first level, and as we eventually decided on making only one level, that is what we ended up doing.


About the game: Dreams of Pan will be a Side Scrolling, Puzzle-Platformer. We’re still working on an interesting iterative mechanic that might give it a special feel, but we’ll have to see whether we can figure something out for that. For now we’re thinking about puzzles that could work in a candyworld, for that we’re looking up all sorts of candies, and throw ideas around about how we could use those candies to make a certain game mechanic with them. Currently we have a list of candies with special attributes, that we could make into puzzles.

One part of the level could look like the following (an image may follow):
Pan jumps down a cliff, and then walks up a hill, and sees a giant gumball machine. He’ll trigger it (through another puzzle), and a giant gumball will roll out of it, and chase Pan while he runs down the hill. Pan will find an opportunity to dodge the ball, and the ball will eventually crash into the cliff and break through the rock to reveal a path down. Down in the cave Pan will be confronted with a large lake of Diet Coke, with Mentos-stalactites hanging down from above. Pan will have to find a sort of raft and a way to drop some of the mentos down into the lake, which will give the raft a boost upwards, enough to reach a ledge above that he couldn’t reach before.

I’ve also made a Project Plan, currently not containing much information, but I will add to it as we go along.

Dreams of Pan Project Plan 12.12


In terms of pace we orient ourselves at Limbo, because we all feel that it has good pace, and that pace would fit our theme very well.

For the world and gameplay, all the candy stuff, I watched Wreck-it-Ralph, because it has a very well made Candyworld (Sugar-Rush game) that poses some dangers to the protagonists. I threw in the idea of living candy like in Sugar-Rush, but we all happily agreed against it.

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