Co-Programming with Felix Schade

During all of the project phase I met up with Felix Schade at his place to work on programing. It was an absolute necessity, as it was impossible to test anything of our game without the vive, the sole exception of this being the xml.

We met up about twice a week on average, and worked on implementing new features, fixing bugs, all the while making design choices on how things should look or behave. Whenever we had to make an important choice we implemented first, and asked for feedback and opinion of the rest of the group afterwards, which generally worked out well.

I realized that working with two people on the same machine is actually very efficient, as Felix and I could pick up on each other’s mistakes and fill up the gaps that the other had. Especially while working on the Vive, having two people is incredibly helpful, as one person can test whatever changes the other is doing, and because we both know the code, the testing person could notice problems that someone who doesn’t know the code couldn’t.

I did however notice that I find this Co-Programming quite boring after a while of not writing the code (and looking over the shoulder) and I quickly lost motivation while doing that, and got tired much faster. When I eventually told Felix about this he happily offered me to do more of the typing, and from then on I worked a lot more motivated.

While working with Felix I was quite surprised that he enrolled as a Game Designer instead of a Programer. I have to admit that Felix is a lot more experienced with Unity than I am (as he’s been working on his own game for a while now) and he’s good at making things look good, something that I haven’t spent much time on learning yet.

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