Snek Screenshot

  • Objective: Minimalist “Snake” clone
  • Engine / Language: Windows Console / C++
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: Individual project
  • Duration: 1 workday

Snek is a simple version of the popular game snake.
You play a snake collecting delicious fruit and growing with each bit they eat. You are confined to a cage with walls that kill you when you touch them, and you are poisonous enough that you die when you touch yourself as well…
Snek features locally saved highscores and a level editor for potentially infinite fun! When you win the game, it crashes, which really is just another feature, mirroring the inevitability of death in our lives.

I made Snek as part of the programming lectures in the third semester at CGL. It was written in C++ as a windows console application, and is the most lightweight game I have made so far with 31kb for the game, and another 1kb for each map.

You can download the game HERE.

Codename 06F

06F screenshot

  • Objective: Application to Cologne Game Lab
  • Engine / Language: Unity / C#
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: Individual project
  • Duration: ~8 workdays

Codename 06F is a stealth-puzzle-top down shooter.
The player is an agent known only by their callsign “06F”. The player must infiltrate the evil Dr Black’s secret base to take him into custody. In order to do that he will have to avoid being spotted by the enemy henchmen or take them out, however with limited ammunition, the main focus lies on on keeping a low profile. The player can move, analyse the enemies for their RGB-Health values, and shoot three kinds of ammunition (Red, Green and Blue) to reduce the respective health. Challenge is created by adding more and stronger enemies, smaller windows of opportunity to sneak by, and limiting ammunition. In later levels the player has several different ways of beating a level.

I made Codename 06F as part of the application process to the cologne game lab from April 2nd to May 4th 2015, during my internship at Headup Games.
The task was to “outline a Game Concept on the following topic: 06F”. Interpretation of the meaning of 06F was up to us, and since in Hexdeximal it was a pretty shade of blue, I decided to go with that as a primary, and -with reference to 007- Agents as a secondary influence.

Codename 06F was my first original game concept, and although the execution wasn’t grand, I still look back on it fondly.

You can download the game HERE.


December 15-23 2015

MorrZombol screenshot

  • Objective: Application to Headup Games
  • Engine / Language: Unity / C#
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: Individual project
  • Duration: ~6 workdays

MoorZombol is an arcade highscore shooter. It’s Moorhuhn with Zombies. Zombies spawn randomly in one of 4 lanes and move through those lanes (left to right or right to left) across the screen. The screen can be moved to the sides a little, and the player can shoot the zombies, one hit is a kill. Every kill rewards points, and the player has 90 seconds to play.

MoorZombol was the first game I ever made using a game engine, Unity in this case. I made it for the internship application test at headup games, the task was to “make a simple moorhuhn-clone game”. As Mark, who gave me the task, mentioned that I would receive additional tasks to get familiar with Unity, I decided to use Unity for this project already. I had not used nor heard of Unity before, the only prior experience with code I had was some Java programming at school (See RPGGame).
I received the task on December 15th 2014 and was given time until January 5th. However since I was going on holiday, I learned the engine and delivered the game within a week, on December 23rd.
Mark was positively impressed and I got the internship.

You can download the game HERE.


RPGGame screenshot

  • Objective: Make a game
  • Engine / Language: BlueJay / Java
  • Platform: Windows
  • Team Size: Individual project
  • Duration: ~10 workdays

RPGGame was the very first computer game I made.
It is an Applet/Text-based, turn-based Dungeoncrawler. The player fights his way through a dungeon to defeat the Dragon Fafnir.

At every new turn of the dungeon, the player can find a potion seller or a monster. There are different monsters with strengths and weaknesses and a bossmonster, which has special abilities.
It features a helpbox with tips about gameplay, and cheats.
The fights play a little like Pokemon, in that the you have 4 options (Block, Attack, Potion, Run).

I started making the game in my own time, and was then allowed to adjust and hand it in as my Facharbeit in Year 10 at school, March 2013. I added the Bossfight afterwards, when I decided to improve the game for my brother’s birthday.
Being the first video game I ever created, RPGGame first made me think about becoming a professional gamedev, although I didn’t make another game until nearly two years later.

The game was written in Java, and needs BlueJ to play.

You can download the game HERE.