Adventure Time with Felix & Snoopy

I was bringing my girlfriend home -she lives a few hundred metres away- and we happened upon my cat, Snoopy. He joined us for the rest of the way, and even met my girlfriend’s parents. After saying goodbye to her I decided to go on a little adventure with Snoopy.

I had been on adventures with him before, just wandering about the area, stopping whenever something seems interesting. They always ended quite soon though, either because I had something to do or because he entered someone’s garden and I didn’t want to be charged with unlawful entry. This time was different though. I was in the mood to walk around, it was still warm, and I had time. Usually Snoopy takes the lead when we go exploring, but this time he just sat around so I started moving instead.

Snoopy in the shower
Snoopy likes weird places

I noticed this before, but Snoopy is a huge Tsundere! Whenever he follows me somewhere, he doesn’t just stick to me. Instead he tries to walk parallely through someone’s front garden, or a few metres behind me. This is especially funny when I walk around a corner and he runs after me, trying to catch up, only to abruptly slow down when he sees me waiting for him.

What made this adventure truly special for me though, was I gained another follower! A shy cat who I’d seen before, but who never let me pet her(him?) was suddenly a few metres behind Snoopy and trotting along for just a few steps before lying down on the road. I didn’t want to force it along and also I thought Snoopy might be jealous, so I kept on walking.

Shy follower cat around 10.30pm
The shy cat

After turning a few more corners with Snoopy I suddenly saw a flash of white running into the fence, and upon closer inspection saw a small hole in the boards. It was the same cat as before, and when I moved away from the fence she came out and sat down in a “respectable distance” away from me and Snoopy. Snoopy appeared to be heightening his senses, so I joined in and just observed the fields in front of me and listened to the sound of the current in the power cables above.

Shycat's hole in the fence
Shycat through the hole in the fence

While Snoopy and I were relaxing like that, the other cat kept changing it’s position, so I left my shoes where I sat (I had taken them off a while ago) and moved away a bit. Soon after, she moved over to where I sat and examined the area. After another while of enjoying the night Snoopy and I moved on, and the other cat followed us for a bit, before turning back. Snoopy and I went home, and I was inspired enough from this experience to write this Blog post 🙂

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