Final Sprint and Exhibition (Week 7)

JULY 19 – JULY 25

We got some useful feedback from the playtest, although it was mostly things we knew. This sprint had two endings really, the Final Presentation on Monday the 23rd, and the Exhibition Day on the 25th. We had to do some heavy prioritisation in order to get the stuff we wanted to show done by Monday, and the things we wanted to make them feel done by Wednesday. I totaled 53,5 work hours from July 19 to noon on July 25, excluding the Presentation, with 48 Tickets on HackNPlan.
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Polish for the Playtest (Week 6)

JULY 11 – JULY 18

We had, thanks to Emmanuel, found a group of students to playtest with, and the date was set to be July 18th, the day of our next sprint meeting, late afternoon. So we decided to focus on playability for this week. We also decided to hold a game jamming session on the day of the next sprint meeting. For that reason I’ll include all of the 18th in this post.
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