Getting into the thick of it (Weeks 3&4)

Oct 16 – OCT 29

I got a lot done in these two weeks. I dived into AI behaviourtrees and expanded on what I had done before. A lot of my time was spent on the item delivery system, and on restructuring the class-design. I hit a lot of obstacles I didn’t expect, but managed to solve them. We also had the first presentation among our peers.

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Game Conception and Starting Slow (Weeks 1&2)

Sept 27 – Oct 15

I knew I wanted to make Warriors and Serfs for a while before the Project phase started, and after almost an entire month of semester break I was starting to feel restless without doing anything productive to break up my gaming, so I decided to start a bit early. I also knew that getting into a productive rhythm again would take me some time, so I started off with easy tasks and only a couple of hours of work every day.

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